Thai Table Stretch In-person course Sept 23rd-24th 2023

Learn a stretch-based massage - stand-alone treatment or use the techniques within your existing work. Full body massage with focus on legs and hips.

Course Summary

Learn how to integrate Thai yoga massage techniques into your existing couch-massage practice.

 This CPD course will teach you how to give a couch massage with dynamic, flowing movements using joint manipulation, stretching, compression work and Thai acupressure.

You’ll learn how to use your body-weight and body positioning to apply deeper, more effective pressure without straining your hands, thumbs and wrists. It’s a great way to bring variety into your work and to alleviate the repetitive movements of a traditional, Western, massage treatment.  

The course is ideal for massage therapists who are already trained in couch massage and are looking to increase their massage techniques and to extend their potential career. It’s also perfect for those trained in Thai yoga massage (floor-based) who are looking to expand their business by transferring their skills to the couch.

The main course is taught over two days in which we’ll cover:
Theory of Thai yoga massage and energy lines
Location of some Sen (energy) lines
Basic Thai massage techniques
Effective stretches for the client in Supine and Prone position
How to use your whole body safely and effectively
Good body positioning to achieve maximum effect with minimal effort

Course Curriculum

Kathryn Ellis

My name is Kathryn Ellis and I've been working as a full-time massage practitioner for almost 20 years. Although I practise many different types of massage, Thai Yoga massage is my first and favourite discipline. I love the way this type of massage helps create a deeper connection between mind and body (for me as well as for my client) and as a result is often a more effective treatment for most types of pain.

I've been teaching massage for over 15 years face-to-face in my beautiful cabin in Leamington Spa and now also teach a number of courses online using video and Zoom. I run full practitioner training (FHT accredited) as well as short courses which act as an introduction to this amazing form of massage treatment.

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Table Thai Stretch In-person course Sept 23rd-24th


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